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Mamas Connect

A trusted space for new mamas to be themselves and connect with supportive mentors

I set out to create an app that helps new moms who are feeling isolated connect more effectively online and in-person with a community. My goal was to meet the need that new parents commonly share for nonjudgemental connections. At launch, the site would feature a messaging center, blog, and live calendar of meetups and kid-friendly events.


Research & User Stories

My process began with a questionnaire for "new moms", defined as parents who have at least one child under the age of 3. I conducted in-person interviews and online surveys, with questions that focused on top needs, media consumption preferences, and ideal product features. I then developed three user personas for the power user, casual user, and 'mama mentor.'



First with a pencil and paper, then in Sketch, I wireframed the user flows. I wanted to keep each page simple, with one main task per screen. I built a prototype of all the main screens, from account creation and login to messaging center functionality.


Style Guide

I pulled together a style guide with typography and a color palette that were inviting, warm, carefree and modern. I also created my own fun set of icons and illustrations. 

Technologies used: Sketch, InVision, Angular and Firebase

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