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Website builder and educational resource for hair stylists

During my five-week internship at SightWorks, I worked with a small team of designers and engineers on a new digital product called 'Style360', as we set out to address the market need for an industry-tailored website builder and educational resource for hair stylists. ​My tasks included researching the onboarding process of industry competitors, wire-framing the mobile and desktop versions of the website, and creating a framework UI for the reusable styles and components of the product.



I conducted industry research by walking through the sign-up and onboarding process for competitors, including Behind The Chair, Styleseat, Sephora, and Booker, comparing the time investment, number of screens, and barriers to entry encountered when creating a stylist profile. I determined that the most successful user flows took less time and fewer screens to get a working profile set up and followed up with thorough, clear next steps for profile customization via email.


Sketch Prototypes

We wanted to create a sleek, simple sign-up process that quickly gets stylists in the system and gives them a starter website that's ready to go as-is, but is also highly customizable. With those details and the needs of Style360 users in mind, I mocked up the onboarding process in Sketch. The goal: Allow stylists to sign up and create a working business webpage within a matter of minutes. 


Framework UI and Style Guide

Beyond design, I also grew my frontend dev skills during this internship. I built a library of reusable, responsive React components. Another intern and I worked together on a typography and style guide, and from there I started creating a Style360 Framework UI to be used internally by developers. 

With this internship I wore many hats, from researcher to designer to developer, all while collaborating with a multidisciplinary team of senior designers, engineers, and the founders themselves.

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